It is not a place but many places, linked in the vast ecosystem of Botswana’s Okavango Delta where the splinters of village life meet pure wilderness.

Mbiroba, which means 'bush camp' in the language of the original River Bushman, is a unique destination run by the Okavango Poler's Trust. The camp is situated on the Okavango River floodplain beside Seronga, a small, remote village at the northern end of the Okavango Delta. At Mbiroba you can explore the many facets of traditional African life – rhythmic BaYei and Hambukushu music and dancing, delicious foods and ancient crafts. (Beautiful handcrafted baskets, produced in the village, can be bought in the camp.)

The delta people have long inhabited the waterways of the north and like their ancestors many centuries ago, still travel to and fro across the region in mekoro (dugout canoes) This is the leisurely and unsophisticated vehicle used by visitors exploring the Okavango Delta’s tranquil waters.

Back in the camp you can relax in a comfortable chalet or camp beside the floodplain. Or simply unwind to the haunting melodies of a ka-Woworo and reflect upon Africa as it was and as it will be for as long as people cherish the need for wilderness. At Mbiroba you will always find a warm welcome come for "Delta Therapy" - rediscover peace and simplicity.

"This is your delta experience."


Accommodation: Mbiroba Camp accommodation is in 5 two storey chalets with bathroom, outdoor shower, solar water heating and lighting. Shaded camping areas with ablutions, gas water heating, and laundry facilities. Tents, sleeping bags and mattresses may be hired from the camp.

Amenities: Excellent ablutions, Curio shop, extensive lounge area with bar and restaurant.

: Self catering mokoro trails, camping on the delta's many islets, is the main attractions for most visitors to the area. Bird watchers and fishing enthusiasts will find much to interest them and on extensive walks with your professional guide you may encounter every animal indigenous to the area. The Mokoro normally fits two adults with a reasonable amount of luggage as well as your poler/guide and. You must take all your food with you. This is strictly bush camping with no facilities. We recommend a minimum of 3 days excursion, take time to relax as well as enjoying the scenery and the ever-changing wildlife. Radios and first aid kits are carried on every trail into the delta. Water levels change with the seasons, determining the nature and focus of activities during your Mokoro trails.

Child Policy
: Children of all ages are welcomed to Mbiroba Camp and are under the full responsibility of their parents/guardians.

Radio communication to all vehicles and activity groups.

Summer (October to March) is warm to hot (30-35 ‘C), this is the wet season but rain mostly comes during thunderstorms, with frequent hot intervals. Spectacular birds, fewer tourists, good fishing, amazing sunsets.

Winter (April to September), is warm days cool to cold nights, (average mean 10’C) beautiful light, reliable weather and flood is here making greater areas accessible to mekoro.

Malaria: Consult you local doctor before travelling, mosquitoes very from ubiquitous to absent in winter.

Water: Delta water is safe to drink but can sometimes be discoloured. If in doubt, mineral water is available for sale at the camp.

Please contact us for any other infomation